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Certex have expertise in wind turbine inspection and lifting product supply to the international wind energy market.

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Today we provide a complete lifting solution to manufacturers, installers, owners and operators across Europe.

Our portfolio includes:

  • Supply of WTG (wind turbine generator) components 
  • A complete range of lifting products and services for major installers of offshore turbines
  • Maintenance, Inspection and test of fall arrest anchor and lifting points, runway beams, winches and elevators
  • Supply of fall arrest and lifting equipment
  • Examination and maintenance pressure vessels
  • Inspection of fire extinguishers
  • LOLER thorough examinations


Certex renewables expertise dates back more than 25 years to the origin of this market in Denmark. Our experience in wind turbine inspection and lifting product supply combined with our high level of offshore competency makes Certex the perfect partner for manufacturers, installers and operators of wind turbine generators.

Whether it is for the supply or supervision of a heavy lift Certex has the competency and expertise to assure the safety of lifting operations in a hazardous environment.
With dedicated facilities in the UK as well as Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Germany covering 45 locations across Europe, Certex have the resources to meet this growing market.  Our engineers and technicians have the knowledge, experience and competence in order to design the best solution.

Certex have a number of contracts with WTG manufacturers providing inspection and maintenance services during the hand over period to the ultimate operator and with the mature wind farms providing services directly to the operators themselves.

Lifting Products

Certex provides a complete range of lifting products for the manufacture, installation and maintenance of Wind Turbine Generators.

Products supplied to the wind industry include:

  • High performance wire ropes for lifting barge cranes, winches
  • Heavy wire rope slings
  • Textiles slings up to 200 tonnes WLL
  • Fall arrest systems
  • Rigging equipment including Crosby
  • Lashing equipment
  • Lifting beams
  • Wind turbine electric hoists and winches

Wind Turbine Inspection and Lifting Services

Certex provides Wind Turbine Inspection together with a complete range of expert services to WTG manufacturers, installers and operators.

These cover a wide range of functions from consultancy and advice on complying with UK legislation to a statutory inspection service for all lifting equipment, fall arrest equipment and anchor points.

Certex Offshore Inspection personnel are highly experienced and competent and possess.

  • LEEA (Lifting Equipment Engineers Association)
  • LOLER (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations) supervisors for lifting operations *
  • LOLER rigger supervisors *
  • Level 3 competent riggers *
  • Slinger banksman *
  • Weld examiners to A.S.N.T. (American Standard for Non Destructive Testing) level 2

* Qualifications are O.P.I.T.O. (Oil Producers Institute of Training Organization) approved.

Our services include: 

  • Advice on legislation compliance.
  • Development of inspection and maintenance procedures specific to WTG's
  • Davit testing and inspection
  • Anchor points inspection and testing
  • Access ladder inspection and testing
  • OPITO level 3 rigger supervision of lifting operations
  • WTG statutory thorough examination of lifting equipment, anchor points, fall arrest equipment, lifts and access equipment
  • On line maintenance of lifting equipment register
  • Lifting equipment safe use, safe slinging and height safety training

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