Certex Division

European presence

Further to our UK services we exists throughout Europe.  We are currently active in Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Spain and Sweden, please see www.certex.net for local country contact details.  In each country there is a local network of service centres and a wealth of experience and expertise.  In the UK we sell and distribute from: Harworth in Nottinghamshire, Gloucestershire, Great Yarmouth and Aberdeen & Montrose in Scotland.   


Certex is part of a wider group of companies and is part of AXLOAD,

Comprising approximately 30 companies, Axload is the leading supplier of lifting and lashing equipment and applications in Europe.

Our two divisions, Certex and Forankra, supply customised solutions and lifting equipment for wind turbines and offshore applications, for material handling in industry and transportation, and for lashing cargo to trucks, trailers, aircraft and ro-ro vessels. We provide an extensive know-how within our areas of expertise and have in-depth understanding of our customers’ operating conditions and prerequisites. Increasingly we offer complete solutions tailored to individual customers’ needs, including inspections, education, certifications and maintenance services.

Our customers include some of the biggest shipping and transportation companies in the world, as well as leading airlines, automotive manufacturers and the engineering, paper, mining and steel industries.